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Ted Riolo
Aug 8, 2014
Cleveland, OH

Tournament Schedule & Format

Competitive League is Saturday.

Rec League is Sunday.

Attached are 2 PDF's that detail the schedule and format for the tournament. 

- Games start at 9:30 promptly. Every team should play at least 3 full games.

- There will be fruit, bagels and ceral bars for breakfast. Lunch is pizza with a bunch of chips, pretzles and other snacks. Also several jars…

Picture of Ted Riolo
Ted Riolo
Jul 14, 2014
Cleveland, OH

Summer League Tournament Days

There are three leagues this summer, and three tournament days. The competitve and recreational leagues will have their tournament on August 9th (competitive) and August 10th (recreational) at the Metroparks Polo Fields. Each tournament will start around 9:00am, and the final game should end around 4:00pm.

Clique league will have a tournament day during the 10th week on August 13th during…

Women's Mini! 
Just show up, and we will split into teams before we start playing!
Mini Ultimate is a high energy, predominantly urban sport played on a smaller field than ultimate. The field is 20 yards wide, by 30 yards long, with six yard endzones.

The rules are similar to Ultimate including…

The Downtown Cleveland Alliance City Advocates are hosting a series of recreational activities this summer at the downtown Mall C every Monday starting at 5:30.  Open to the whole community, the goal of these Mall Monday events are to promote healthy living in our city by providing an opportunity to get outside and be active.

On Monday, June 23rd, the…

(tl;dr: Summer leauge is now open for registrations. Guaranteed registration deadline: 5/12, Late registration deadline 5/31. Rec, Comp, Clique. Draft leagues at Hawken Tuesday/Thursday (rec/comp) clique wednesdays on the west side. $65, 10 weeks, Five Ultimate Jersey, Regulation Disc, End of the year tournament for draft leagues)

It's that time of year again. The spring weather is (almost) here and the sun…